Content Marketing And WordPress: Tips, Plugins, And How To Make An Impact

Content marketing is the practice of creating a piece of content (generally digital) that is both useful and valuable to certain members of your target market(s).

This piece of content is generally free, though it may be hidden behind a simple email/lead-capture form, and it usually is meant to be found through search or through free/low-budget distribution methods (think social media, low-cost PPC, a small press release).

Some might call thisĀ permission marketing, the idea being that your target customers have given you permission to market to them by choosing to access your content. If they found your content, for example, via a Google search, clicked intentionally on your link, and started reading, then they’ve given you “permission” to market to them.

Content Marketing > Interruptive MarketingLink

This only really makes sense when juxtaposed with some more traditional forms of marketing (advertising especially), which are “interruptive.”

Interruptive marketing “interrupts” whatever content your customer is consuming. It blasts your message in their face, with the hope that they don’t hate you for bothering them during the content they’re intending to consume (a TV show, a radio program, a website, a YouTube video, a blog post article, etc.).

Most advertisements completely break your concentration, take you out of the moment, and ruin your experience of the content you’re most interested in.

So marketers and consumers alike prefer content marketing (like this article!). Content marketing works because:

  1. You’re not interrupting your audience or taking them away from the content they’re interested in.
  2. The content you’ve created is itself what they’re interested in.
  3. You’re giving them something of value, which invokes theĀ Law of Reciprocityand makes them open to learning more about your business (and possibly becoming a lead, or even making a purchase).

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